How do you cook quinoa?

A tad of hazelnut , a touch of wheat, another of corn; quinoa works well with both the sweet and the salty. As you are cooking quinoa, you will notice how its own well-designed and consistent character and taste.

If you do not know what foods to combine, here is a helpful list:

– Quinoa has a body, so we can prepare quinoa with products containing coffee, chocolate or cheese.

– Quinoa comes from South America, and we can prepare it with native South American products such as pepper, potato, corn, red beans and tomatoes.

– Quinoa becomes crisp after cooking. It is palatable when combined with soft foods such as avocado, mashed vegetables, steamed fish or bechamel sauce.

– Like grains, a good accompaniment to quinoa may be nuts, hazelnuts, sesame seeds or almonds.



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